Green Youth Brigade Club

Green Youth Brigade Club

Mission:  Green and Clean CMP


The Green Youth Brigade Club of CMP Degree College is constituted with the following vision:

  1. Development of an eco-friendly campus
  2. Student’s participation to make a greener, cleaner, and environmentally safer campus.
  3. Development of environmental consciousness in the college through lectures and workshops.
  4. Participatory approach towards environmental conservation and sustainability


  1. Plantation of trees and ornamental plants in the campus.
  2. Maintaining the species diversity of the plants in the campus.
  3. Conservation of energy resources in the college campus.

Action plan:

  1. Regular lectures will be organized on the college campus on environmental issues.
  2. Tree plantation activity
  3. Students awareness to make a green CMP campus

Green oath

  1. We the members of the Green youth brigade are responsible for the green beauty of the college and would put our best foot forward to maintain it.
  2. We the members will make minimum wastage of paper, electricity and water.
  3. We will save trees planted in the campus and also increase the number of trees by tree plantation.
  4. We will work honestly towards the betterment of the campus by making it environmentally clean.

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